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        WELCOME to Mosaic Arts and More by Pamela Lackie.  Browse through all 4 pages of the Mirror Gallery.  If you're interested in having a custom mosaic mirror handcrafted especially for you, see detailed information below.

        PAGE 1 of the Mirror Gallery contains:

        ~ The "Wild Thing" Mirror Collection
                ~ The Contemporary Collection 

        PAGE 2 of the Mirror Gallery contains:

        ~ The "Shades" Mirror Collection

        PAGE 3 of the Mirror Gallery contains:

        ~ The "London Tunnel" Mirror Collection

        PAGE 4 of the Mirror Gallery contains:

        ~ The "Natural" Collection

        (See this mirror on Page 2 of the Mirror Gallery)

        I specialize in creating Custom Stained Glass Mirrors for your particular needs....    

        • Choose from mosaic mirror designs on this site, re-created just for you, OR...
        • Customize a mosaic mirror with a size (and shape) that suits your needs, using stained glass colors of your choice
        • Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship a priority

                 ~~ SEE ORDERING DETAILS BELOW ~~

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          All works of art within this web site are protected under U.S. Digital Copyright laws and international conventions.  No portion of the artist's works or statements may be used, reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from the artist.  2008-2016     

                    (See this mirror w/detail on Page 4 of the Mirror Gallery)


                        MOSAIC MIRRORS ARE . . .
                            ~ Stained glass wall art, attractive in any room
                        ~ Useful as a Bathroom, Bedroom and Foyer mirror
                        ~ A nice touch in an office setting
                        ~ Functional as well as decorative
                        ~ Perfect to give as a special gift
                        ~ Fully customized to fit your needs.


        NOTE:  Prices for mirrors on my website represent custom orders already completed.  Please know that your individual quote may differ due to changes in design, size, shape, complexity, or stained glass chosen (see details below).
         ~ Please see my FAQs & Policies Page for more specific information ~

        1.  Desired size of overall piece.  (Please see Size & Shipping Restrictions, below)
        2.  Size of Stained Glass Mosaic border.  Width of the border can vary anywhere from 1" up to 6" or more, depending on the design and style of mirror you're choosing.
        3.  Whether you want a beveled or plain-edged mirrorBevels, of course, will incur greater cost (particularly in oval & round shapes).
        4.  Complexity of design and other custom changes.
        5.  Outside edge of piece.  Choices include: (1) Mitered wood edge, sanded & stained (or painted);  (2) Real cork edging (can be stained or painted or left natural) or (3) One color of cut stained glass. 
                Prices listed on the website do not include shipping costs.

             SIZE & SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS:  I ship all mirrors via FedEx in specialty art boxes that can accommodate a mirror no larger than 30x40".  Because these art boxes are necessary to insure safe arrival of mirrors, I am unable to accept orders of mirrors larger than this.  
                NOTE:  I am unable to ship mirrors internationally.

            CONTACT INFO:  Feel free to contact me about the work you see on this site or a specific project you have in mind.  I will be happy to provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you might have.  

        Click on the "SAMPLES" link above to go to Page 4 of the Mirror Gallery.  Here you can order small sample pieces of glass in your choice of colors for your particular project!  Just be sure to email me prior to ordering to make certain I have your colors in stock (or that I'm not on vacation, etc.)  Ordering samples is a step I HIGHLY recommend for anyone seriously considering having a custom mirror made.  Prices include postage.  (NOTE:  Anyone ordering samples who subsequently orders a custom mirror will have sample charges deducted from the price of their project). 

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