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        All mosaic mirrors are handmade, one-of-a-kind, however, if you're interested in something that has already sold on this site, I can custom-make a similar mirror upon request.  Send inquires to:   (All images are under digital copyright laws, 2008-2015)

        TINY SQUARES:  Restful and soothing color combinations were used in this large 26" x 32" mirror, with a 1" beveled mirror.  Design consists of 1/2" hand-cut pieces of glass, including many hues of iridized glass in colors of teal, aqua, cobalt and mirror glass..  Solid cobalt outer edge.  $565

        DEEP BLUE SEA:  This was a custom-made mirror for a couple who wanted a dramatic piece for their living area.  They chose all iridescent stained glass, for maximum effect, with a bit of gold mirror glass mixed in using a staggered length 1/4" wide design.  Predominant color is cobalt blue with additions of two-tones of teal and azure blue.  Overall size is 32" x 26".  4" of stained glass mosaic border.  1/2" beveled mirror completed this colorful and beautiful mirror.  $565

        ART DECO ROUND:  Flashy and sophisticated, this stained glass mosaic mirror was produced using mostly black stained glass squares.  Highlights of iridescent ruby red and small Czech glass beads were placed vertically on either side of the mirror.  The center of the piece consists of tiny 1/4" squares of hand-cut iridescent glass.  Outside edge finished with iridescent black pieces.  22" in diameter.

        BEACH SCENE:  20" x 30" rectangular mirror, custom made for a family in Florida who live near the beach.  1/4" wide "beachy" colors of stained glass were used in varying lengths.  Tiny abalone shell beads interspersed throughout.  3" of stained glass mosaic border all around.  $460

        JERSEY SHORE:  A variation of "Beach Scene" mirror (above) using darker colors overall.  This mirror was created as a custom request for a family's renovated beach house on the Jersey Shore.  Overall size is 20x30" with a 3" border.  Plain edged mirror.  $465

        Southwest Sunburst Mirror:  Vivid "rays" in southwestern colors (teal, orange, brown and various mixed colors) combine to form this contemporary mosaic mirror design.  Light oak squares are used on the outside border to frame the design.  Overall size is 20" (mirror 12").  Edges and back are sanded & stained with multiple coats of stain in a complementary brown color.  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel. $400

        ART DECO "TULIP":  This handsome mosaic mirror measures 21" x 24" overall and is designed in the "art deco" style using several colors of hand-scribed stained glass.  The edges of the piece are finished with solid wood trim w/mitered corners and sealed with multiple coats of stain.  Hanging hardware attached.  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.   $410

        CUSTOM "SHADES OF GREEN ":  This large rectangular mirror was made in the "Shades of Green" mosaic design as a custom order for a website buyer who wanted a unique and vibrant mosaic mirror for her powder room.  A 1/2" beveled-edge mirror was used and extra iridescent stained glass was added for sparkle and depth.  4" of mosaic border all around. The mirror measures 32" long x 25-1/8" wide; mirror only 23" x 17".  The outside edges were finished in 5/8" hand-cut glass pieces.  $565        See "Customer Comments" page for more details and photo of mirror in buyer's powder room

        Ruby Red:  Similar to the mirror above ("Shades of Green") and utilizing the same design, this stunning stained glass mirror was made as a custom website order for a family who liked the "shades of green" mosaic design, but wanted different colors and a different size.  This mirror is a square 33 x 33" with a 1/2" beveled mirror.  4.5" of mosaic border all around.  This customer wanted lots of iridescent glass to add sparkle and drama to the mirror.  The resulting effect is that of a shimmering, almost-metallic like surface. 

        Shades of Purple & Copper:  A customer who liked the original "Shades of Purple" mirror (seen on Page 4 of the Mirror Gallery) but wanted to add copper accents and some brown stained glass to the mix...and this is the result!  A large mirror, 30" x 40", the customer displayed it in her dining area and sent me a photo to post.  $585 (see her comments & her photo on the "Customer Comments" page on this website). 

        OVAL VINE MIRROR:  This 25" x 21" oval mosaic mirror depicts a "vine" running through the upper part of the design with various leaves in hues of green stained glass.  The bottom of the mirror is framed in hand-cut stained glass in shades of red, maroon, orange, yellow and white art glass.  Bits & pieces of iridescent glass were used for added sparkle. The outside edge has been stained and sealed with multiple coats.   Made as a custom order for a website customer who preferred an oval shape to the original round shape (seen below).   Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $450