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        ~ The "Shades" Design Collection of Custom Mosaic Mirrors

                ~ "Shades" Design Collection ~

        The following mosaic mirrors are part of the "Shades" mirror design.  The name originated from a specific design pattern of various sizes of cut glass based on one dominant color of glass.   "Shades" of that color are then added in to create a cohesive blend.  

        "Shades of Green":
          This large rectangular mirror was made in the "shades" design as a custom order for a website buyer who wanted a unique and vibrant mirror for her powder room.  A 1/2"  beveled mirror was used and extra iridescent stained glass was added for extra sparkle and depth.  4" of mosaic border all around.  The mirror measures 32" long x 25" wide.  $565

        Custom "Shades" Mosaic Mirror in Ruby Reds:
        A stunning stained glass mirror, made as a custom website order for a family who liked the shades of green design but wanted hues of red and a larger size.  This mirror measures 33" square with a 1/2" beveled mirror and 4.5" of mosaic border all around.  Lots of iridized glass was used to add sparkle and drama to the mirror.  The result is that of a shimmering, almost metallic-like surface. 

        Red/Orange "Shades" Mirror = "EVENING SUNSCAPE
        Custom-order mirror in the "shades" design using vibrant oranges and reds in solid and streaky shades of colorful stained art glass.  Interspersed throughout is mahogany glass, which was also used for the exterior edge.  Large 40 x 30" size, 3.5" of mosaic border.  Mirror with 1" bevel.  $640

        Shades of Purple:
           This lovely mirror was a custom order with a request for predominantly purple stained glass in various hues, including iridized glass and mirror glass.  Overall size is 22 x 30" with a 1/2" beveled mirror.  $550.

        Customized "Shades" of Purple:  A customer liked the original shades of purple, above, but wanted to add copper accents and brownish stained glass to the mix and the result is this large 40 x 30" mirror.  The customer hung it in her dining area and sent me a photo to post.  $585.

        Shades of Brown Oval Mosaic Mirror:   Custom-made mirror utilizing the same Shades design, this time in an oval shape with varying hues of brown, dark gold and cream.  1" beveled mirror. 

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