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        All mosaic mirrors are handmade, one-of-a-kind, however, if you're interested in something that has already sold on this site, I can custom-make a similar mirror upon request.  Send inquires to:   (All images under digital copyright law, 2008-2015)


        FULL CIRCLE:  Copper and Green!  New design using all circles cut from streaky art glass, mirror glass, iridescent glass, VanGogh glass, as well as outlines of Swarovski crystal beads.  All glass circles were individually hand-cut with nippers and then ground separately into rounds.  Added in are copper accent pieces and beads, all circular.  Predominant colors are varying hues of green and copper. Outside edge finished with cork, stained to complement the piece.   Overall size is 20.5" with a 5" stained glass mosaic border.  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $530

        Custom-made contemporary mirror, 20" x 11.5", to brighten up a specific area of a customer's living room.  This mirror has a special sparkle to it with the inclusion of metallic mirror glass and VanGogh glass.  Edged in black.

        "Baja Sunset":  In a strikingly colorful and bold design (25.5" in diameter), this stained glass mosaic mirror utilizes hand-cut, tapered pieces of glass in very vivid colors.  Interspersed throughout are tiny 1/4" pieces of gold mirror glass for extra sparkle.  Total of 6" of stained glass mosaic border.  Outside edge is trimmed in hand-cut pieces of matching glass.  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $550

        "Golden Rays" Stained glass mosaic mirror.  Similar to Baja Sunset, above, Golden Rays is made from hand-cut & tapered stained glass, all iridescent, and cut from the same color of glass, which exhibits differing hues throughout.  When the mirror is under any light source (lamps, natural light) it flashes gorgeous hues of rose, blue, green and gold.   In more indirect light it has a beautiful wispy beige/amber look with small 1/4" square pieces of gold mirror glass  used throughout.  This is a mirror that goes well with almost any decor and truly lights up the wall wherever it's hung.  Overall size is 26-1/2".  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $550


        FANTASY VINE MIRROR:  This large, colorful mosaic mirror measures 22-1/2" overall with a 13" mirror.  Large mosaic border of 4.75".  The original mosaic design depics a "fantasy" vine with multiple styles of flowers & foliage.  Lots & lots of interesting hand-cut pieces of stained glass on this mirror design (which can all be customized) and much detail work.  All stained glass is hand-cut and ground smooth.  Abalone shells, sea spines, tiny pebbles, millefiori and glass beads were used to complete the design.  Edges are sanded and stained with multiple coats.  Hanger attached; mirror is signed.   Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $475
        SOLD by The HubBub, Centralia (Custom size/colors available)

        Fantasy Vine Mirror in Black:  Not just a mirror, but a conversation piece as well.  Similar to mirror (above) with a few extra touches and a black background.   Again, the details on this piece (as well as the mirror above) add to its interest and beauty (all details of this mosaic mirror can be customized).  This mirror is finished with 5/8" cut stained glass pieces around the outer edge.   This one looks stunning on a neutral wall!  Size is 22-3/4"; mirror 14".   Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $480    SOLD by The Hubbub, Centralia (Custom size/colors available)

        PEACEFUL WATERS:  30" in diameter, this mirror was a custom order with a request for a soothing, water-like combination of stained glass.  Samples were sent and the colors, above, were eventually chosen for the piece.  The design is of the original London Tunnel (seen on Page 3 of the Mirror Gallery).  4" of mosaic border design.  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $535

        "London Tunnel" Design in Greens & Aquas: 
        Another variation of the popular London Tunnel design with custom colors.  Lots of iridescent glass was used to add sparkle, along with small shell beads.  35" overall size.  This special piece was designed for a customer who wanted a colorful mirror to hang above her fireplace.  4" of mosaic design border.   Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $595
        (For Customer's Comments and 2 photos of the mirror in her living room, Please see menu on left under "Customer Comments")

        Granite ContemporaryFashioned in a clean, contemporary design for an interior designer who had a customer that wanted to highlight the colors in her new granite countertop.  With the use of shades of blue & black glass with splashes of silver & blue mirror glass, the overall size is 24x30".  Tiny 1/4" pieces of cut glass and vertical lengths of cut stained glass make up the design.  Outside edge is trimmed in black glass.  Overall border is 2.5".  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $495

        "SHADES OF BROWN" Mirror.  New, softer oval, done in the "Shades of Brown" mosaic design.  Similar to the original mirror, below.  1" beveled mirror.  3.5" mosaic border. 


        FANDANGO:  3 "fans" created by iridescent, hand-cut pieces of wispy red, Van Gogh copper, Czech glass beads, and black stained glass swirl around this 20" stained glass mosaic mirror, creating a delightful simmering tone that really sparkles in the light.  Large mosaic border of 5".  Background glass is light oak.  1/2" Light oak tiles also frame the outside rim of the mirror.  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $530
        (Custom sizes/colors available)

        TWO VINES:
          This mirror was specially designed and constructed for a community wine celebration.  The "Two Vines" mosaic mirror utilizes multi-gold, hand-rolled stained art glass for background and leaves.  Two varieties of "grapes", one with dark purple fruit and two with plum-colored fruit, with iridescent "grapes" interspersed for sparkle.  Small Czech glass beads were used throughout the vine.  Real cork edging was used for the exterior of the mirror which adds to its overall beauty.  21" overall with 5" of mosaic border. Plain-edged mirror, no bevel. $530

        Elegant & Contemporary:  Designed for a customer requesting a dramatic, sophisticated mirror for a redecorated powder room, this mirror measures 40" x 25" with 3.5" of stained glass mosaic border all around.   Various glass lengths of 1/4" strips of iridescent glass were placed vertically throughout.  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.   $540

        OVAL & SQUARES:  This large mosaic mirror was made as a custom website order, with the customer requesting vibrant shades of red squares, interspersed with yellows, oranges and maroons.  Iridescent glass was used liberally in this design and the result is incredible sparkle!  Outside edges are pieces of cut stained glass.   Size:  22 x 31" with 3.5" of mosaic border.  Plain-edged mirror, no bevel.  $475

        Diagonally-set stained glass mirror:  A custom-made mirror was requested in predominant shades of orange, with darker shades of red/burgundy glass as well as olive greens.   Since the mosaic border itself is fairly small (2-1/2") I decided to lay the pieces diagonally, rather than in straight blocks, to add interest and drama to this large mirror (36" x 22").  Difficult to see in this pic are the beautiful shimmering pieces of iridescent glass used throughout this stained glass mosaic mirror.  Mirror is plain-edged, no bevel.  $475